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Expert shares effective experiences in betting on Over/Under goals

In football betting, the Over/Under goals bet has many different versions. Each version has its own style of play, betting rules, and different characteristics. We can mention some common types of Over/Under goals bets such as Over/Under goals, Over/Under cards, Over/Under corners, etc. However, currently, the Over/Under goals bet on ball releases is being favored and chosen by many people. If you don't know about this type of bet yet, don't rush, read the following article from the number 1 bookmaker - wintips!

Understanding the Over/Under ball releases in football betting

Introduction to Over/Under ball releases

The Over/Under ball releases are a type of Over/Under bet specifically for the king of sports, football. This type of bet is still quite new to many Vietnamese betting enthusiasts. However, recently, the Over/Under ball releases have gradually become the top choice of many players.

Basically, the odds for this bet have a similar style of play and rules compared to other types of Over/Under goals bets. Moreover, the Over/Under ball releases are extremely simple and easy to understand, making them suitable for beginners.

Just from the name, you can somewhat guess how to play this type of bet. With the Over/Under ball releases, players need to predict the number of times the ball is released by both teams in a match.

Before the official match starts, the bookmaker will offer certain odds. The player's task is simply to bet on one of the two sides: Over or Under. Specifically:

Bet Over if you predict that the total number of ball releases from both teams will be higher than the odds offered by the bookmaker top 100.

Bet Under if you predict that the total number of ball releases from both teams will be lower than the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Rules of playing Over/Under ball releases

The result of the bet will be calculated for all ball releases within the official 90-minute match and stoppage time. For matches that are suddenly postponed during play, the bets placed on the previous ball releases are still valid.

Conversely, if during the match, when the match time is postponed but no ball has been released, your bet will not be accepted.

Effective tips for analyzing Over/Under ball releases from experienced bettors

Every player who participates in football betting hopes to win. Below, wintips will summarize and share effective tips for analyzing Over/Under ball releases from experienced veterans:

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Choose simple matches to analyze the bet

Not only for Over/Under ball releases but when participating in any type of football betting, you should seek and choose the most ideal matches to place bets. Specifically, you can refer to the following criteria to select suitable matches: How different are the strengths and abilities of the two teams, The current rankings of the two teams on the standings, etc.

With this information, players can easily imagine and grasp the strength of the teams. From there, you will be more convenient in choosing the betting side with a high winning rate.

Start with small bets to get used to the match

Usually, many players want to place large bets right from the start to win the most winning money. However, this is a very serious mistake that you need to avoid.

You need to know that any type of football betting will have a certain risk ratio. Therefore, to ensure safety, you should only place small bets to limit playing too much. Especially for beginners, you should place even smaller bets to have time to get used to the match as well as improve your betting skills.

Manage your betting capital wisely

In addition, players also need to have a plan to manage and use their betting capital wisely. It is best to divide your betting capital into small amounts to allocate to each bet. This is an extremely effective method that many experts apply when playing football betting.

Join betting at reputable bookmakers

The last experience we want to share with you is to choose for yourself a reputable and quality bookmaker. This is extremely important as it will help ensure your rights and keep your personal information safe.

You can refer to some reputable and well-known bookmakers in the market such as: M88, W88, 18BET, FB88, Fun88, Dabet, etc.

In this article, wintips has shared with you effective tips for analyzing Over/Under ball releases. Hopefully, with this information, you have somewhat improved your betting skills and achieved more victories. Good luck to you all!


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