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Handicap 1 1/5 - What Is It? Guide to Understanding Handicap 1 1/5

Handicap 1 1/5 is a type of Asian handicap commonly seen in the betting market. In this scenario, the weaker team is given a handicap of 1.5 goals to level the playing field against the stronger team.

For many seasoned bettors, the handicap of 1 1/5 is not unfamiliar. However, for newcomers to this field, understanding and interpreting the 1 1/5 handicap can be challenging. Let's explore under 3.5 tips today the reasons behind this through this article.

What is Handicap 1 1/5?

Handicap 1 1/5 is a betting odds ratio, often written as 1-1.5, commonly found in the sportsbooks of various reputable betting sites, also known as 1 1/4 or 1.25 handicaps. It's a type of bet widely played and wagered upon in the sportsbooks of many reputable bookmakers from Europe. It's also one of the favored bet types among many bettors.

For the 1-1.5 handicap, the favored team will give the underdog team up to 1 1/4 goals. Looking at the odds of this handicap, you'll notice a significant difference in the skill level between the two teams.

When participating in betting on this handicap, the scoring is calculated as follows:

If the favored team wins by 2 goals or more: Betting on the favored team results in a win, while betting on the underdog team results in a loss of the entire wager.

If the favored team wins by exactly 1 goal: Betting on the favored team results in a loss of half the wager, while betting on the underdog team results in a win.

If the favored team draws or loses: Betting on the favored team results in a loss of the entire wager, while betting on the underdog team results in a win.

How to Interpret Handicap 1 1/5: Example with Manchester United & Norwich City

To gain a deeper understanding of how to place a handicap 1 1/5 bet with bookmakers, let's look at a specific example involving Manchester United and Norwich City. Suppose you choose to bet on Manchester United as the favored team with a wager of 200,000 VND. Here's how the scoring works:

Scenario 1: Manchester United wins against Norwich City by 2 goals or more > You win the entire wager = 200,000 VND.

Scenario 2: Manchester United wins against Norwich City by exactly 1 goal > You win half the wager = 200,000 VND ÷ 2 = 100,000 VND.

Scenario 3: Manchester United draws or loses against Norwich City > You lose the entire wager = 200,000 VND.

Steps to Place Bets at Betting Sites

If you've ever wondered what the handicap odds of 0 - 0.5 mean, how to read handicap odds, and where to place the most reputable handicap bets, then feel free to refer to the betting process at betting sites. This is one of the most popular betting sites among Vietnamese players today.

Step 1: Access the bookmaker's website, register to receive a free bonus of 115k, provide necessary information such as account number, personal phone number, name, and email account.

Step 2: On the homepage interface, choose the Sports section and select the match and handicap odds of 1 1/5.

Step 3: Deposit money according to the requirements and instructions to participate in betting.

Step 4: Follow the match to receive the bonus immediately when the match ends.

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Experience in placing 1 1/5 bets "hit often, win often"

After learning about the concept and how to place 1 1/5 bets at betting sites, let's now explore and learn some excellent tips passed down by experienced players.

#1. Study match information thoroughly

When participating in any bet, you should thoroughly research information about the match. Find out about the starting lineup, which teams have stronger and more useful players, as the winning chances of those teams will be higher.

#2. Team position on the standings

Study the current positions of both teams on the standings, which somewhat helps you determine which team has a higher chance of winning. Knowing the history of head-to-head matches can also help you predict which team is more likely to win.

Moreover, the goal-scoring performance of both teams is one of the statistics you cannot ignore. This helps you understand the form and goal-scoring productivity of each team, thus helping you a lot in choosing the "golden" team.

#3. Base team selection on the situation

This is one of the small tips that many people apply with a winning rate of up to 75%. With the application of these tips and the experience above, you will certainly have a firmer grasp of winning than many other opponents:

With a handicap ratio of 1.25 and both teams having similar performance, unable to determine which team has a higher winning rate, choose the home team.

When the home team has a handicap of 1.25 and their attack is in top form, choose the home team to place bets.

After 15 minutes is the golden time for you to decide whether to participate in betting on this match or not. Stay calm and cautious to make safe choices.


Above are the concepts of what a 1 1/5 handicap bet is and long-standing best betting tips app experiences for a high winning rate in betting, so remember them well. Wishing you easy wins in betting!


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